KONG loves all dads! Let’s celebrate! Mahalo to all those who nominated an awesome dad. You can nominate a Dad on kongradio.com/fathersday2024

Nominators first name: Nominators last name: Dad’s first name: Dad’s last name: Father’s Day dedication:
1 Amber Matsuyoshi Holden Koki Happy Father’s Day to my fiancé, who is the #1 dad to our two boys! We love you!
2 Dawn Balocan Alan Balocan He’s wonderful Dad, Son, Uncle he take care of his Family & OHANA.
3 Tori-Ann Miyazaki Timothy Laranio Your unwavering love, support, and sacrifice set the foundation for the person I am today. I love you dad!
4 Tori-Ann Miyazaki Jason Miyazaki Emily: “Thank you for being the best daddy! I love you!”
5 Cherie Yamamoto Chad Yamamoto Thank you for all you do for us.  You keep us on our toes but always remember to make us laugh.
6 Megan Cariaga Kuincy Cariaga All the little things & hard work & love you give us never goes unnoticed. The kids & I love you!
7 Danielle Boggs Charles Boggs JR Thank you for everything you do for our family!
8 Shenell Dilay Frederick Daclison Thank you for all that you do for the family all of these years! You took me in as your own thank you!
9 Norli Pinoliar Allan Pinoliar Happy Father’s Day to the man of my heart. You’re my forever happy place! Watching you with our children
10 Maylyn Sebastian Remy Sebastian He is the rock of our family. We love and appreciate you so much dad!
11 Maylyn Sebastian Charles Hepa He is a fun & loving daddy to Cameron. Whenever he’s around there is never a dull moment. We love you!
12 Kapena Wichman Noeau My dad is the best, he teaches me alot of new things each day. He always is there for me and teaches me right fromwrong
13 Mary Ching Kelly Kelly is an awesome dad.  He’s a great role model to his son by instilling a strong work ethic, honesty, fairness, generosity, and kindness.
14 Kim Pearce Anthony Spice Thank you for being a great provider…always working so hard and making sure we have what we need and spoiling us too!
15 Karen Saronitman Phil Troester My dad will do anything for my family and me even if he doesn’t have the means. His love is unconditional. Love you forever!
16 Greg Kozak Michael Kozak hey dad i love you and have a happy fathers day.
17 Paris Tangelder Ant Tangelder My dad is the best dad in the world. Thank you for always loving me dad. I owe it all to you ❤️❤️❤️🐜🐜🐜
18 Brennan Evans Ant Tangelder Thanks for being the best surfer dad! 🐜 🌊
19 Celeste Kakimoto Neal Kakimoto Best father,always taking care of his children.
20 Kawena Martin Jasper Martin Happy Father’s Day dad.
21 Kevin Reyes Bernardo Reyes Jr Thank you Dad for always being there me our family. Thank you for showing me and everyone around us love. Can’t thank you enough ❤️
22 Ginger Keller Randy Keller He’s my coach and #1 fan! I never have to second guess if he’s on my team. I hope he likes these sports references!
23 Liane Henderson Travis (kepa) Toledo Thank you, Kepa for being an amazing father and partner. Always making sure the kids and I are taken cared of before yourself. Weloveyou!
24 Cheryl Morita Roy Morita Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for everything. From Mele and Brownie.
25 Cindy Reis Derrick Reis I Would like to wish my amazing husband a happy Father’s Day. Thank you for being the best father to our children.
26 Emilia Knudsen Dan Knudsen My dad is my hero. He is always supporting me and helping others. He is the best dad.
27 Pomai Vidinha-Flores Timmy Kanahele Love you Papa Tim -kelii
28 Pomai Vidinha-Flores Shane patino Love you unko!
29 Pomai Vidinha-Flores Tevin Vidinha-Flores Mahalo Jesus for the husband and father you are today,
30 Randall Koerte Dickie Koerte To a great dad who is always there for me.  Love you.
31 Nicole Estacio Ricardo Estacio I’m Proud of my hardworking dad and all that he is today. He’s an amazing Papa to his Grandkids. Happy Father’s Day to my dad/Papa Ricky!
32 Samenta Jacinto Les Jacinto Happy Fathers Day to the best dad that our son and daughter has! Thanks for all you do for us unselfishly!
33 Kimberley Medeiros Jason Medeiros Jason is my son and is such a wonderful father, provider, and caregiver to his beautiful 3 year old daughter Sofina.
34 Stacie Waiamau Doug Waiamau Cheers to our favorite Hawaiian Sup’pa Man. Love ya Dad!
35 Kendra Groth Miles Arakaki Happy Father’s day. Thank you for all that you do for the boys and being the best dad.
36 Kira Kellow Ken Nakamura Happy Father’s Day Dad! Thanks for everything and being a great papa to JJ.
37 Kira Kellow Jacob Kellow Happy Father Day to my husband Jacob, thank you for everything that you do! We love you!
38 Sharyl Lam Yuen Leland Lam Yuen You are da bestest! Love, Tony, Tina, Luna and Sonny
. And from your niece and nephews, thank you for everything you do for us!
39 Sharyl Lam Yuen Dean Lam Yuen Happy Dad’s Day, Daddy!  Love, Mason & Xabri
40 Sharyl Lam Yuen Doug Lam Yuen Manuia le aso o le Tama!  To the most patient and loving husband – thank you for all YOU do for US!!!
41 Sunee Putisan Sanguan Putisan Take dad to dinner.
42 Niki Nichols Richard Laver Dad stepdad son-in-law anyone could ever ask for hard-working amazing provider Happy Father’s Day Richard we love you and thank you for all you do
43 Marleen Duarte Garette Duarte Wishing our son Garette and father to Hunter and Gage a Happy Fathers Day, we love you!
44 Marleen Duarte Ronald Duarte III Happy Fathers Day to our son, father of Ryan, Rylen, Rex and Ryder.  Ronald is an amazing Dad!
45 Niki Nichols Richard Laver Incredible father to our daughter,son, and takes care of my elderly mom. Works hard everyday to have a roof  over our heads. He’s amazing!
46 Marleen Duarte Ronald Duarte Jr. Wishing my husband and father of DeLissa, Ronald III and Garette a Happy Fathers Day, he has always been there for his Ohana.
47 Weena Kusaka Royden Kusaka Roy’s very paitient loving understanding puts him self before other’s  we love and appreciate everything you do Love you alway’s Weena & Taylor
48 Chantelle Kane Vincent Lopes Happy Father’s Day from Ridge and Jace Patrick. Love you dad.
49 Mary Cardenad George Cardenad I’d like to shout out A Happy Father’s Day to my loving husband George his always there for the Ohana
50 Savannah Ruby-Ano Tyus Peahu Simply the BEST!!!!
51 Shanelle Rita David Rita Happy Fathers Day to thee most talented, smart, hardworking, loving dad in the world. We love you!
52 Mahealani Hirokane Levi Hirokane Have a great Father’s Day.  We love you and thank you for all you do.  We are blessed.  Mahealani, Nainoa & Levi Jr.
53 Cheyenne Sarsona Lot Sarsona Lot, I’m so glad God chose you to be the father of our kids. You are an amazing dad! Love, Cheyenne, Aria, Aveah & Titan
54 Ashley Miyazaki Craig Miyazaki Please wish my husband and father of two boys a happy Father’s Day! Thank you for doing life with us. We love you!
55 Kristine Ganir Ryan Ganir Thank you for being an amazing dad to our 3 boys. You’re a SuperDad. Happy Father’s Day. We love you!
56 Christine Santos Bryson Ki’ilau Happy Fathers Day to the dad that never stops, the dad that goes above and beyond every single day for us, we love you
57 surina Brustowicz surina Brustowicz Happy Father’s dad hope you win
58 Lavern Sa Alstan Sa Alstan (Pepe) Sa. Is the most funniest caring intelligent Dad there is! His family is always first in his life!
59 Claudia Leong Corbin Leong He is the best dad to our 3 children and an amazing pap to our  Grandson! And we beyond blessed by him!!
60 Rachel Lowery Robert Robert Rad dad! Mahalo nui for being our rock and supporter.
61 Alyssa Cremer-Arakaki Russelle Pearce Happy Fathers Day! Thank you for blessing me with 3 beautifully amazing keiki! We love you to infinity & beyond💙
62 Kacie Cayaban Ron Ron Thank you for everything, your dedication to make family time a priority and working so hard to provide for our family. We love you!
63 Ranelle Kaawa Ahi Ahi When we count our blessings we start with you! Wishing you a very Happy Father’s Day. We love you!
64 Rhocel Basilio Keneke Valdez I’m so grateful to be sharing life, love, and parenthood with a wonderful person like you.
65 Angelica Baptiste Kevin Louis happy Father’s DayThank you for always working so hard to support and take care of our children. We appreciate everything you do for us
66 Pua Arizo Norman Arizo Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad and Grandpa!! Have an amazing day !!
67 Roxi Starlett Roland Cosby Happy Father’s Day! Hope you’re out celebrating your day by catching fish. 🐠
68 Chiere Bryant Roland Cozby Happy Father’s day to the most amazing husband’s and father to our 6 children. We wouldn’t be the people and family we are without you.
69 Holli Demello Roland Cozby My amazing bounce dad who raised me as his own when he didn’t have to
70 Roseanne Caldera Bob Lehardy Thanks for always having my back. I love you
71 bailey Azeka Myles Azeka Happy fathers day to our amazing dad! we love you and thank you for all you’ve done for us Love Jamie bailey kevin & taylor
72 bailey Azeka Darryl Matsumura Happy fathers day to keito and miley’s amazing daddy! We love you so much
73 Lear “Mahina” Ayau Glenn Ayau HappyFathersDay Dad/Papa! Thank you for all you do for our family! We are blessed to have you in our lives & love you!
74 Sheena Lyn Ayau Michal “Kalani” Cabanilla HappyFathersDay Dad/Papa! We are blessed to have you & Thank you for all you do for us! Love you!!
75 Sheena Lyn Ayau Stanley Yoshimoto HappyFathersDay Dad/Papa! We are beyond blessed to have you in our lives. Thankyou for all you do for us! We love you!!
76 Sheena Lyn Ayau Lear “Mahina” Ayau Happy Fathers Day to the most loving, hardworking & caring dad of Shaundi, Lukas & Mikela. We are blessed to have you in our lives. Love you very much!
77 Nicole Estacio Robby Silva Jr. Da Bestest man who does all things with and for his boys! Happy father’s day Jr.! We Love you times a million! Grateful for you!
78 Celeste Kakimoto Jorden Flores He is always taking care if his children. The song “I Do it for Love” is his song. It describes him perfectly.
79 Candace Rapozo Mauka Rapozo “Happy Father’s Day Dad! Thank you for being the best dad ever and giving me a good life. I love you!” – Teia
80 Maya Loughead Bill Alexander Happy Father’s Day to the man that stepped up and has been there ever since.
81 Zaylie Cruz Anthony Cruz Happy Father’s Day Dada!  Thank you for everything you do for me.  You’re the best Dad ever!  I Love  you from Zaylie
82 Camille Koshi Erin Koshi Dear Erin, you are such an awesome dad to our two boys. We are so blessed to have you!
83 Erin Koshi Ray Koshi Happy Father’s Day Dad! Thank you for your awesome example of a humble and servant-hearted father who loves Jesus!
84 Kris Nakamura Michael Nakata My Dad works so hard and is always helping everyone out. He deserves to be recognized – he is the best Dad and Grandpa!
85 Jackie Leineweber Kai leineweber Happy Father’s day to the most amazing dad!! Thanks for working so hard.  Enjoy your special day!
86 Leah Lei Agustin Rolando Agustin Thank you for working so hard for our family. We love you and appreciate all that you do. Happy Father’s Day!
87 Taylor Banach Leko Kiilau Happy Father’s Day to my love and the father to our 3 boys! We love you and appreciate you everyday!
88 Taylor Banach Al Banach Happy Father’s Day to my dad and my son’s grandpa! He is always there for us and we love him so much! Thank you!
89 Courtney Gorospe Danny Kaaihue Thx for being the BEST dad I cld ever ask for! Teaching me all I need to know to survive this life! Love u dad!
90 Ashleigh Remigio Shawn Remigio Happy Father’s Day to the most wonderful father, Shawn! He is amazing with our two young kiddos! We love him very much!
91 Thalia’s & Tristan Espinoza Isa Espinoza Our dad’s an amazing support in so many ways every thing he does every day is so we have every opportunity in life
92 Carlene Aki Ron Carvalho Happy Father’s Day to the best step dad who stepped in to raise me when no one asked you to. I love you. You da best!
93 Teresa Aviguetero Matshal Aviguetero Just a awesome man we love him
94 Catherine Long Eldred Silva My son-in-law is a man who lives out his blessings. He is an adoptive father to my grandchildren and lives with grace and humility.
95 Catherine Long Kalani Long IV My husband is a fantastic father and papa.  He is gracious, kind, and loving and lives with gratitude for his blessings and generosity.
96 Christina Pratt David Cole Best father to our son
97 Maureen Tabura Vince Tabura To the best dad on Kauai!  Love you always!
98 Brittany Hill Steve Banach HFD dad! Ty for all that you do for me and my boys. We love you very much
99 Brittany Hill Jim Hill HFD PAPA! TY for being there for me and my boys! We love you!
100 Brittany Hill Ikena Hill Ty for being the best DAD to our 3 boys! HFD! WE love you!
101 Cherie Miyashiro Wayne Deguchi Loving, Supportive, great listener, funny, and all the great words I can say about my dad.  Love you from the bottom of my heart.
102 Chelsea Alexander Bill Alexander Happy Father’s Day to an amazing dad to all of his kids. Especially to the ones he inherited and stepped up for.
103 Bessie Furushima Michael Park Happy Father’s Day to my son-in-law, Michael, who is reared two good independent citizens and takes care of me!!
104 Lisa Finch Brent Finch Thank you for all the ways you go above and beyond for our family. We are grateful for everything you do!
105 Maycia Matsuyoshi Guy Ibos Happy Father’s Day and thank you for our daughter 🥰 enjoy your day!
106 Kathy Alcos Darren Alcos Wishing my husband a Happy Father’s Day!  We LOVE you!!
107 Misora Matsuyoshi-ibos Guy Ibos Happy Father’s Day day! Dad  I love you to the moon and back! You’re the best!
108 Kathy Alcos Kristopher Alcos Kristopher works hard for his little family & is such a great daddy to his son Kasen who’s 6 months old. Happy Father’s Day!
109 Kathy Alcos John Tangalin Wishing our dad a Happy Father’s Day!
110 Liane Henderson Travis (Kepa) Toledo Happy Fathers Day to the most hardworking Dad/Uncle! We Love you! Jayden, Asanna, Travis, Hiilei &  Alayna-Lee
111 Matthew Asuncion Rodel Asuncion Just wanted to say happy Father’s Day to my amazing Dad! Thank you for all you do!
112 Jennalyn Gomes Makana Workman Thank you for always working hard so the kids and I can live our best lives. We love you more than words could ever say!
113 Mary Cardenad Christopher K Cardenas Happy Father’s Day my son, his always there helping me when needed keep up the good work love you
114 Ivy Nishimoto Jack Nishimoto Happy Father’s Day Dad!!!
115 Cher’Rae Santiago Joshua Santiago Happy Father’s Day Josh.  Thank you for everything that you do for our 3 boys and for me.  Love you.  Cher’Rae, J’rae, Jraesen and Jaizen
116 Radine Fabro Jeffrey Fabro Happy Father’s day to Jeffrey Fabro the best Daddy to his 3 daughters and the best Grand Daddy to his 1 granddaughter and 4 grandsons.Loveyou
117 William Louis-Workman William Workman Hard working loving and caring dad best in the world now living his retired life love you dad
118 Kaimi Miyashiro Toppy Miyashiro I’m so proud to have you as my dad. I love you dad. Happy father’s day
119 Thomas Martins lll Fred Bungcayo Happy FATHER DAY
120 Thomas Martins lll Thomas Martins Jr Happy Fathers Day😊
121 Jasmine Mariano Hardy Keith Hardy Happy Father’s Day to my strong, sexy and handsome husband Keith Hardy! Together we continue to celebrate our family and watch it grow. Love you!
122 Regina Kaui Kalika Wong Happy Fathers Day Kalika, have fun celebrating with your children Kamanakai and Kenzie and your better half Raquel, have a great day, love Gins
123 Regina Kaui Kamo’i Refamonte Happy Fathers Day to my son-in-law Kamo’i, have a fun day celebrating with your 4 children and wife, love mom Gina
124 Regina Kaui Ryan Kaui Happy Fathers Day to my Son Ryan, wishing you a great Fathers Day, Kulani and Ili wish their Dad a great day too, love you.
125 Asae Hamada Aaron Smith Happy Father’s Day love Asae and Ha‘a
126 Ha‘a Smith Lono Smith Happy Father’s Day Papa Lono!
127 Maliana Hamada Michael Hamada Happy Father’s Day to my big brother Michael who has always been one of my father figures
128 Regina Kaui Ross Kaui Happy Fathers Day to my Son Ross, he is a great Dad, love mom
129 Regina Kaui Kaleo Kaui Happy Father’s Day to my Son Kaleo, he is an awesome Dad to his two sons Kashtyn n Koltyn, have a great Father’s Day loveMom
130 Charisse Mae Campana Harold Dumayas Not only you are an amazing fiance. You are also an amazing Father. We love you very much! Happy happy Father’s Day.
131 Julie De Mond Robert De Mond Thank you for all you do for me and our 3 boys.  We love you, now take a day off from work & Coaching.
132 Sheila Belarmino Tony Belarmino I wanna wish my amazing husband a happy Father’s Day thank you for everything you’re the greatest dad and the best papa we love u
133 Stacey Hirokane Brandon Hirokane I want to wish my wonderful husband and dad a Happy Father’s day.
134 Shiannte Makanani Clinton Makanani Happy Father’s Day to the best father ever and not only is he a good dad but a great husband to my mom
135 Uluwehi Gray Dante Gray Happy Fathers Day to the best husband, dad and Papa. Hes awesome, hard worker and will do anything for his family!!! we Love You!!!
136 Zipporah Tompkins Nate Irwin We are pregnant with our first child and this hard working small business owner deserves ALL of the love in the world! We love you!
137 Dennis Rego Dennis Rego sr The most amazing dad he made me everything I am today so proud of him. I love him very much.
138 Angelika Catiggay Angelo Catiggay Thank you for your hard work and everything that you do for our family. We love you dad!
139 Skye Espino Robby Espino Happy Father’s Day…we love you ❤️Soraya, Samantha, RJ,  Sunshyne, Anson, & Alea
140 Andrea Guerrero Marlon Guerrero Happy Father’s Day to you! Here’s to endless adventures and cherished moments with our two amazing boys. We love you more than words can say!
141 Jolene Alop Gerald Alop Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for working so hard to continuously provide for our family. They boys and I love and appreciate you so much!
142 Andrea Ceda Jon Ceda Have a Happy Blessed Father’s Day
143 Bryson Yoshimitsu Aaron Yoshimitsu To my amazing dad Aaron. Thank you for being there for me every step of the way. You mean the world to me. I loveyou…Bryson
144 Jackie Nakamura Jon Nakamura Happy Father’s Day to the best and most hardworking Dad to our daughter Mackensie!  We love you!
145 Tyler Tangelder Ant Tangelder Thank you dad for always being the best dad you could be. Love you. Tyler
146 Jaslynn Ornellas Matthew (Jimmy ) Ornellas Happy Fathers Day Dad
147 Janece Yatsko Jack Yatsko Jack is a superhero of a father to our daughters, always going the extra mile to give his support & making them laugh along the way!
148 Debbie Yoshimitsu Boni Garma To my unsung hero…thank you for being the most valuable asset in my life. Happy Fathers Day.. I love you dad.. Debbie
149 Charisse Mae Campana Harold Dumayas Happy Father’s Day Harold! Thank you for being a great dad to our daughter and an amazing fiance! We love you!
150 Cassidy Yatsko Jack Yatsko Jack Yatsko is the best dad in the world! He is kind, smart, loving, and brightens everyones day! Love you dad, happy fathers day!
151 Carol Ito Carlton Ito The best dad and papa ever
152 Caden Cozby Roland Cozby Happy Father’s Day. Sorry I can’t be there to say it. Fly me out soon to visit.
153 Tammy Moniz Wilson Moniz You are the most hard working Husband, Dad and Papa! We Love You So Much! Have a great Father’s Day!
154 Robert Riola Bernard Riola You’ve taught us through your words and actions to grow up to be humble, honest, loving, resourceful and to love life fully. I love you.
155 Lorry Duterte Lorry Duterte Cool and Caring Dude
156 Chandelle Higa Aaron Higa Happy Father’s Day Aaron! Thank you for everything you that you do for us. We love you!
157 Kelly Kaona Brentten Rapozo You are the most AWESOME DAD ever!  Love you…from your other Mom
158 Shanlyn Mission Clifford Mission My husband is a very supportive loving thoughtful Dad & stepdad to kids he deserves a shoutout for being the best Dad ever
159 Ona Lowry Mark Lowry Happy Father’s Day dad, I love you!
160 Charlotte Johnston Troy Johnston I Love you dad, happy Father’s Day!
161 Inana Lowry Troy Johnston Happy Father’s Day Thankyou for the work you do for our family and the farm. We love you!
162 Inana Lowry Mark Lowry I love you dad Thankyou for always being around. You make the best food and I have learned so much from you, happy Father’s Day.
163 Mary Cardenas George Cardenas Happiest father’s day his the bestest father,husband and granddad
164 Eliza Fuimaono Junior Fuimaono Jr is always working hard for our 4 kids and always putting them first in everything that he does. Fafetai lava we love you forever
165 Erin Medeiros Jonathon Medeiros Happy Father’s Day to the man in our family who does it all! Thank you for providing in every way.
166 Mary Cardenas Clifton Cardenas Wishing my son a Happiest father’s day
167 Shelly Lagazo Genaro Lagazo Best Dad in the world to our 3 daughters!!!
168 Mary Cardenas Jesse Cardenas-Raralio Wishing a Happy Father’s Day
169 Danielle Newhouse Mitchell Hughes My son’s first Father’s Day. So proud of the father he has become. Hard working, patient and loving. Happy Father’s Day Mitchell. ❤️
170 Malia Delos Reyes Julian Delos Reyes Jr Thank you for being the best Dad ever!
171 Clara Kali William Abihai Wanted to wish William a Happy Father’s Day. Thank you for working so hard for our family. And being a great dad!!!
172 Lissa Lang Marty Steinhaus Greatest dad anybody could ask for and husband to boot!!
173 Kellie, BJ, Jolene & Keatin Mariano Hardy Keith Hardy Happy Fathers Day to our dad, Keith Hardy! We love you and appreciate you  and your support of your family. Enjoy your retirement!
174 Christy Koizumi Stanton Koizumi A shoutout to my Dad Stanton Koizumi.  Here’s to a great Father’s Day and thank you for all you do.
175 Condy Rosellini Tom Rosellini Happy Dad’s Day Tom ! You are an inspiration to your son and you have much admiration from your wife. We are blessed!
176 Brennan Fuller Steve Fuller My dad has always been the hardest worker I’ve ever met. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for me or my 4 brothers
177 Ashley Wakuta Bradley Wakuta My husband is an amazing hands on father to our son Maddox! A true Daddest Man on the Planet! We love him so much!
178 Lena Bueno Dennis Bueno Thank you for providing so much for the family, Happy Father’s Day.
179 Cheyanne Mahuka David Mahuka Amazing dad to our 4 blessings. We love you and hope you have a blessed day to relax and enjoy. You deserve it.
180 Hi’ilani Ventura Kurt Ventura Happy Fadda’s day dad! Love, Hi’i opihi. P.S- I’ll be taking some of the prizes if u win.
181 Christian Mahuka David Mahuka Happy Father’s Day dad, hope you have a great day. popo is watching you and she’s proud. Love you dad
182 Gtace Ventura Paul Ventura My dad constantly amazes me. He has always taught me to kind.respectful and compassionate. Just like him. He’s a great father and husband.
183 Malie McCullen Kurt Ventura Happy Father’s Day dad
184 Malie McCullen Kekila McCullen Happy Father’s Day dad love you
185 Mahina Ventura Kurt Ventura Thank you for being a loving hard working father & husband. We appreciate everything you do for us. Love your 4 girls 💛
186 Nicol Nonaka Dean Nonaka Our super dad Dean Nonaka is so awesome!!!! as a father may God Bless him always we love you
187 Cherie Miyashiro Toppy Miyashiro My husband believes and encourages his kids.  Never judges and always is there when they need a dad for an uplift. Outstanding Dad!!!!
188 Hualani Duncan David Duncan Loving, Giving of himself expecting nothing in return, goes over and beyond expectations of his aloha to ohana and friends.  A Blessed Man of God.
189 Mary Avdienko Dimitri Avdienko Dimitri! You are the best papa (dad) to our four children! You always make life special for the ones you love! We ❤️ you!