KONG loves all Moms! Let’s celebrate! Mahalo to all those who nominated an awesome mom.

Nominator first name: Nominator last name: Mom’s first name: Mom’s last name: Your Mother’s Day Message:
Moanalynie Leger Renee Someda Thank you for being just the best grandma to my kids. You deserve the world. Happy Mother’s Day Renee! We love you.
Gina Gudoy Lucrecia Balmores Mama Lucy is the most wonderful human being! Even when she don’t have anything she will give you everything! I love my mommy!
Ronald (Chris) Aceret Claudia Lau Happy Mother’s Day to Claudia Lau.  Such a great mother with a big heart.
Hope Rabang-Del Conte Sara Del Conte Wishing you relaxation and joy!  You’re granddaughters, daughter-in-law and son greatly appreciate you and your support. We love you!  Happiest Mother’s Day, mom!
Resa Rapozo Tina Higashi Happy Mother’s Day Mom, we love you!
Richard Koerte Kathy Koerte Happy Mother’s Dayfor being a great mom to our son Randall who turned out to be a
wonderful son.  Thank you for all you did.
Taylor Banach Leimana Kualii Leimana is a Mom, Sister, Aunty, and friend that goes over and beyond putting everyone else first before herself. We all love her so much!
Susan Caires Mildred Rapozo I’d like to say thank you for being our shining support MOM. Now we are your support team.❤️
Joeddy Sugai Melissia Sugai Happy Mother’s Day! Words cannot express how much you mean to me. Thank you for all you do for all of us.
Keola Kaiminaauao Cynthia Kaiminaauao Love you mom to the moon and back. You will always be my rock and foundation thank you for everything you have done for me
Jason Miyazaki Tori Ann Miyazaki On behalf of our daughter Emily, we would like to wish her mommy a Happy Mother’s Day! We love you!
Kai Leineweber Jackie Leineweber Happy Mother’s day to my lovely wife, Jackie Leineweber!
Myron Hart Jenni Hart I love u jenni, yer the best mother any one could ever ask for. I lava u
Tori Ann Miyazaki Anna Carvalho Thank you for being the best mother and grandmother for all of your kids and grandkids! We love you!
Vintage Johnson Kira Banania To my little sister, Awesome job on raising your son kalani, Proud of you.
Faith Rapozo Tina Higashi Thank you for all your sacrifices, prayers, love, and guidance mom. Happy Mothers Day!❤️
Jimmy Dean Crowell Vintage Johnson happy Mother’s Day my love thankyou for being such an amazing mom and all the sacrifices you made for our family! I love you
Jolyn Borden Josephine Brede Happiest of Mother’s Day to our mama Josephine Brede. We all love you. 🥰😘😍
Kehau Aceret-Ipac Julia Kelly Julia loves her kids and always puts her kids first before herself.
Tyson Thronas Viluan Darlene Thronas Happy Mothers Day to my amazing and loving mom.
Kehau Aceret-Ipac Rhonelle Aceret Happy Mothers Day to one of the strongest moms I know. Continues to be the best grandma to her grandsons Jayzden, Jaydam, Jahstice, & Jairae
Julia Kelly Kehau Aceret-Ipac Kehau is not only a wonderful mom, but a wonder woman too! Keep up the great work, moming ain’t easy.
Jayce Botelho Chelsea Lanning Happy Mother’s Day Ms Shannon
Henry Long IV Catherine Long My wife is the best and most special mother to our children and tutu for grandchildren. She is blessed with a loving heart and spirit.
Tevin Vidinha-Flores Pomai Vidinha-Flores You da best mom n wife!
Pomai Vidinha-Flores Priscilla Davis You deserve it all mama!
Amy Esaki Chiyoko Ishii To the best mom , who sets a good example for me
Naia Furugen Leilani Furugen to the most loving, patient, and understanding mom. We are so very blessed to have you as our mom. Always there for everyone.
Stephen Esaki Amy Esaki Love you mom!
Lavern Sa Helen Brede Always there for her family n others! Hard working even if she not well!
Lavern Sa Rosalyn Sa Mother of 3 children n my grand kids. Puts them n her husband before the world. Supports there school n community at St. Catherine’s school.
Iokua Ceda Andrea Ceda To the best Mom ever who stepped in and raised me since I was 3 years old.
Celeste Kakimoto JOAN POPOWSKI My Mother is kind, caring compassionate.  Always putting others needs before herself Every morning greating a new day with a smile. I am blessed.
Shanlyn Mission Alberta Lara My mom is the best supportive loving mom I could ever ask for a women that serves god
Shalia Vierra Shanelle Rita Mom, Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for everything you do for us. We love and  appreciate you. Love Shalia &Mahina Vierra
Shanelle Rita Shan Mission we love you, thank you for allthat you do for us and the kids! We hope you have a wonderful blessed day! Love, your ohana
gerald Miller Avis Hirahara To my beloved wife and super mom, happy mother’s  day
Kevin Louis Angelica Baptiste Thanks for all you do for me and our children Silas and Zara we love you
Alan Balocan Dawn Balocan A beautiful Mom, and take care of me and my Son and her OHANA.
Brian Kanahele Clarisse Kanahele Happy Mothers Day To The Most Beautiful, Hardworking Wife. We Appreciate Everything You Do For Us. We Love You
Chad Yamamoto Cherie Yamamoto Thank you for all you do for me and our kids.  We love you!
Malyssalin Jardin Reyne Cadiam Happy Mothers Day to the most Caring Hardworking Mom that is always there for My Sisters and I. Love You Mom 😘
Puna Naumu Jordan Naumu You are the most kind hearted, amazing mom and bonus mom any kid would be lucky to have. Happy mother’s day!
Tina Cimetta Diane Cimetta Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom out there!! Thank you for all you do for us. Love you!
Meigan Jardin Reyne Cadiam To the most caring hardworking mother that I love dearly. Thank you Mom for everything you do for me and every body
Jordan Naumu Paige Paku Happy mother’s day to the best sister a girl could ask for. You are such a fun and loving mom. Have a wonderful day!
Jayneen Laysa Janessa Lagazo Janessa is a terrific mom to her two children along with being a great daughter and granddaughter. Her birthday is Mother’s Day.
Jayneen Laysa Jeslyn Laysa Jeslyn is a single parent doing a great job raising her son. She works hard and is loving and caring.
Julie Rapacon Terry Rapacon Thank you for always being there no matter what! We love you so much!
Shantel Coyaso College Coyaso Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom out there, so thankful I get to call you mine, I love you Mom!
Stacie Waiamau Rayana Waiamau Happy First Mother’s Day, Hermana! Thanks for making me such a cute niece.
Mahealani Hirokane Taneil Hirokane My mom takes great care of me and my siblings Nainoa and Levi Jr.  Thank you for all you do each and everyday.  Love you!
Kapuaui Kinney Kapuaui Kinney My mom is my family strong pillar and we love her from her daughter and her husband my dad Bones
Suzie Hanchett Keana Oliveira My daughter has grown to be such an amazing mom for her 3 kids…wonderful to watch her journey in life.
Larry Moises Marlene Moises Happy mothers day to the best wife, mother and grandmother!
Kevin Wataya Kayla Wataya We love you and thank your for being the wonderful mother you are!
May Sebastian Jean Sebastian Thank you for all you do for us. Happy Mothers Day. We love you!
Karen Firl Erna Firl I’m so lucky she’s my mom at 87 she still goes out & works in the yard & watching over the animals. Love you mom
Bethany Coma Agnes Coma Love you mom! Thanks for being a great mom and Lola (grandma) to the boys!
George Cardenas Mary Cardenas Happy Mothers Day to my wife, the mother of my children she’s always there for all of us
Charles Hepa Maylyn Sebastian We would be so lost without you. We love and appreciate you so much. Love your Prince Charles & your little monkey Cameron
Kayla Wataya Chris Wataya Happy Mother’s Day!!! We love you!!!
Rachelle Haumea Ellie Haumea Love you! Mahalo for everything 🙂
Robert Riola Châu Truong-Riola To my amazing, loving, beautiful wife, you are a blessing to our family. You bring out the best in us all. We love you.
Frank Parrino Beatrice Cox Happy Mothers Day. From Son you Never Had
Stacey Sepulveda Anita (Nena) Castillo Happy Mother’s Day Juana
Tiana Gomes Laurie Diego Happy Mother’s Day to my super Mom
Mei Lin Miyashiro Lydia Kaohi I’m so grateful and blessed to still have my mom in my life. She is an amazing human being loved by her family.
Brittney Le Belen Ganiron Shout out to the most caring and loving mom! I love you forever! <3
Brandson Hirokane Stacey Hirokane I want to let the world know how much we all love you and are so proud of you.
Brandon Hirokane Stacey Hirokane I want to give a big shout out to my wife.  Thank you for everything that you do for our family love you!
Stephen Coffin Julia Kelly Julia, thank you for everything you for do! We hope you have an amazingrelaxing day! Happy Mothers Day!!! We love you,  Dylan, Jacob and  Stephen
Derrick Reis Cindy Reis Cindy is a loving wife she takes care of us she goes above and beyond to take care of her family we love her alot
Helene Kaui Lara Ann Hoomanawanui You are simply the best! For always putting your Ohana first in all that you do. May you have the best Mothers Day 2024.
Robert Lehardy Rosemary Lehardy Mahalo for being such a great mom to our children.
Kaimi Miyashiro Cherie Miyashiro You light up my life like the suns brightest ray I love you so much mom from your son have a very happy mother’s day.
Felina Silva Felina Silva I’m nominating myself because I think I’m a pretty awesome mom! Raised 2 daughters and a bonus daughter. Whom have blessed me with beautiful grandchildren.
Vince Tabura Maureen Tabura Wishing the love of my life and awesome Mom, a very special Mother’s Day!  You take care of so many people , we love you!
Mike Perry Crystal Perry Love you mom!
Dimitri Avdienko Mary Avdienko My wife the best mother in the world.  We love you
Mary Avdienko Rose DeMarzo Love you most!!
Jolene Keane Jordene Lee-Hornstine Love you,Mom!
Shalei Shintani Sandy Shintani Love you mom!!
stacia viloria Arleen Yoshimori We love our Mama Leen! She is a very hard worker who works at every chance she gets, she doesn’t want any days off.
Saesha Coyamin stacia viloria I love my mom very much! She cooks and works very hard for us kids . I love you mom stacia .
Edie Ignacio Neumiller Melody Lawrence Thank you for being my cousin and Mom to Mikey and Matt.
Cyndi Ayonon Maja Ayonon Maja is the best mom to her 2 daughters and always willing to go the extra mile to make her family happy!
Chiere Bryant Chiere Bryant Happy mother’s day. Enjoy your day.
Love us 6 crazy kids
Anastassia Romanova Liudmila Romanova Thank you for your always support!
Meagan Kiilau Lizann Vidinha Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mom Lizann, who’s also my best friend & means the world to me. Thank you for all you do!
Carrie Fetto Carrie Fetto She’s the best!
Justin Ganaden Joanne Ganaden Best mom I could ever ask for.  Love you!
Valerie Barko Jane Barko Jane!
Nanea Bactad Mama Helen Bactad-Tokuda I love you Mama.
Skylar Stewart Valerie Barko You are the best…love you!
Noelani Palomares Mahina Bactad A mother of 5! A survivor & fighter. She deserves to be spoiled on this day.
John Harper Jennifer Harper To the mom who always puts her family first. Raised a son with special needs whom battling cancer and severe osteoporosis. Shes a rockstar.
Kelli Berry Trish Hoppins I love you momma!
Kelsie Kashima Suzanne Kashima Thank you for being the best!!!
Chris Berry Lisa Hales Mom, you’re the best.
Lisa Poole Sara Smith Love you mom! You’re the best!
Edward Arbo Jamie Arbo To the beautiful mother of our three wonderful children I love you, Jamie
Lily Watari Lillian Watari Best mom anyone could ever have. I love her so much.
Marianne Thesken Marianne Thesken Shout out to all my mom friends.
Judith Karlovsky Rose Karlovsky Mom, I love you. Happy Mother’s Day! Aloha, Judy
Marjorie Works Marjorie Works Love you
Sheri Mihaylo Lori Tanigawa Love you!
January Yamamoto Lenney Diaz Mother of 3 still holding it together while being the happiest mom i know.
Dawn Lagundino Dorrie Michioka You’re an amazing mom and grandma
Dorrie Michioka Dawn Lagundino Happy mommies day to my sister
David Mona Mom Mabel Mona I love you MOM. You are my favorite Mumsie!
Nikki Ige Mereane Ige Thank you mom for all you do for me. I love you!
Jason Matsuoka Jesica Matsuoka To the best mother in the world. We love you so much and all you do for us!!
Rachel Curnan Michele Curnan Happy Mother’s Day to my mom Michele Curnan! We love you! From your kids and all your grandkids.
Roy Yamashita Tricia Yamashita From the birth of each our 3 sons she’s shown them the importance of love, serving, caring and taking time for others.
Finn Matsuoka Jesica Matsuoka Love you mom your the best and I love you for all that you do!!
Titus Plunkett Jennifer Plunkett I love you, Mom!
Summer Garcia Stephanie Gersaba Happy Mother’s Day mom! I love you and everything you do for us! Have an amazing day
Tammy Fernandez Helga Efhan Appreciate you!!!
Danielle Newhouse Talitha Byram My sister Talitha has always been a role model for me in many ways,but mostly as a mother. Her children are a testament to that!!
Jack Yatsko Janece Yatsko Happy Mother’s Day to the reigning best Mom in the World for the past 27 years…Janece Yatsko!!!
Joni Trinidad Necie Bocalbos You have put up with my escapades all these years, but you’ve done it with patience. Thank you for loving me! Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!
Allison Lacaden Debra Lacaden Happy Mother’s Day to the greatest mom in the world! I wouldn’t be who I am today without you!!
Debra Lacaden Allison Lacaden Happy Mother’s Day! Love you!
Lori Tamayose Allison Lacaden Thank you for being the best mom to Kayalei!!  You are the rock of the family❤️
Savannah Kupihea Kerry Kupihea Want to Wish my Sister a happy Mother’s Day! She’s a strong independent single mother who always goes above and beyond for her sons!
Tyne Insohita Lorene Bungcayao Happy Mother’s Day everyone
Mia Inoshita Tyne Inoshita Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there hope you have a great day
Thomas Martins lll Tyne Inoshita My mom is the best mom and Happy Mother Day
Thomas Martins Jr Ailson Sanchez Happy Mother’s Day
Leonardo & Alexander Labrador Cindy Labrador My mom gives the best hugs and kisses. She makes great Saturday morning breakfasts. She reminds us daily that she loves us. We love her
Tanelle Martin Pamela Courtney We love you♥️
Tanelle Martin Carolyn Martin We love you♥️
Tanelle Martin Chelle Faria We love you🩷
Erin Ching Mary Ching I nominate my mother this Mother’s Day for her tireless efforts of caring not only for me and my brother, but as a grandmother.
Miles Arakaki Kendra Groth Thank you for everything that you do for me and the boys Best mom in world love you
jamie toyofuku faye azeka my mom who is the best mom. she has the biggest heart and does so much for her family. We love you mom!
Weena Kusaka Taylor Kusaka Brueno Taylor we Love ❤️ you Happy Mother’s Day !! Mom & Dad
Douglas Moises Charmaine Moises Best mom,grandmother, Mama! Charmaine, youʻre the top! HAPPY MOTHERʻS DAY!!!
Kassie Tanigawa Valerie Tanigawa I wanna shout-out my mom Valerie Tanigawa!
Kyle Dela Cruz Kassie Tanigawa I wanna shout out my beautiful Fiance’ and mother of my 2 sons Kassie Tanigawa
Chris Kostka Courtney Kostka Happy Mothers Day to Courtney.  We appreciate all she does for us and we are so grateful for her!!
DeLissa Dasalia-Duarte Marleen Duarte Happy Mothers Day to my first true love, my mommy.  From day one she has always been my biggest supporter, my biggest fan.
Marleen Duarte Josephine Andrade Happy Mothers Day Mom!  I’m so blessed to call you my Mom, you are the best Mother anyone could ask for.  Love you forever, Mom!
Donovan Pegeder Dorine Pegeder To my one and only mother, I Love You and Happy Mother’s Day! Let’s admit it…we all know that I’m your favorite. 🙂
Andrea Ceda Jon Ceda Mahalo for being and amazing Mom.
Shaye Cavanaugh Crissy Cavanaugh Thank you for everything you do. There’s no one like you! You love and light is kongtagous: Love Noah, Rowan, (kids) and Shaye (husband/dad)
Carlton Ito Carol Ito A mother full of caring and support for our daughters. Happy Mother’s Day to Carol!
Holden James Koki Amber Matsuyoshi She’s the best mom to our boys! And an awesome Fiancé! I would not know what to do without her!
Joe VanSelous Joni VanSelous Our furbabies, Howler and Iris wish you the best Mother’s day ever!
Shawn Remigio Ashleigh Remigio Ashleigh is truly a dedicated mom that our kids adore! We love you so much!!
Alina Evanoff Claudia Evanoff To the best mom in the world, we love you!
Jannik Evanoff Claudia Evanoff You’re awesome, Mom!
Nicklas Evanoff Claudia Evanoff I love you, Mom
Hendrik Evanoff Claudia Evanoff You’re the best, Mom!
Brittany Hill Lori Banach Love you mom! happy Mothers day!
Ikena Hill Brittany Hill Happy mothers day to the best mom there is! love you
Chelsea Alexander Christine Farina Happy Mother’s Day to an amazing mom, grandma, and great grandma but has also been an amazing teacher to thousands of Kauai kids.
David Mahuka Cheyanne Mahuka Amazing mother, wife friend. Biggest heart and beautiful soul. Our rock and we love you forever and ever.
Chelsea Alexander Ashley Thronas Happy Mother’s Day to an amazing mom of 4, Erin,Sam, Devin and 2 week old Kendall.
Ant Tangelder Clara Tangelder Simply the best mom ever!! Love you momma!!
Noah Land Erin Land Love you mom!!
Adam Williams Maggi Quinlan Mom you are magical! Love you always and forever!
Mary Cardenas Christina K Cardenas-Romuar She always there for children,  her grandson and go out of her way in helping people she loves
Elaine Leung Alicia Sarmiento Hats off to Mama Alicia for loving our kids like no other.  She’s a godsent for us working parents.  We appreciate you!
Lisa Watanabe Vicki Watanabe To the mother who literally does it ALL, never gives up and still continues to spread love and light, Happy Mothers Day mom!!
Gavin Sarmiento Elaine Leung Wishing you the best mother’s day ever!  There’s no job harder and more tiring than being a mom.  You’re an amazing mother!
Kevin Cremer Ashley Cremer The only thing better than having you as my wife, is our Children having you as their mother. Happy Mother’s Day, I love you forever.
Kathy Bogdan Maggie Bogdan Amazing Mom, so grateful!
Elaine Leung Denise Ventura This mama has shared her joy of being a mother before I even became a mother myself.  The love is deep…. Mahalo!
Christopher Tavares Jeanie Tavares Thanks for being such a great Mom to our children, we appreciate all that you do. Hope you have a Great and Blessed Mothers Day.
Marc Calderon Kenani Calderon HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
Kris Nakamura Ellen Nakata Happy Mother’s Day to the best Mom and Grandma!  We appreciate all that you do for us. We love you very much!
bailey Azeka Faye Azeka Happy mothers day to the best momma out there! I love you and thank you for all you do for us
Danielle Boggs Denise Williams Thank you for everything you do for our Ohana!
Charles Boggs JR Le’a Boggs Thank you for everything you do for our kids!
darryl matsumura bailey Azeka happy mothers day! thank you for being a great mom to our kids we love you
Christopher Tavares Isabelle Tavares Thanks for being such a great Mom and Grandma. We hope that you have the best Mothers Day ever, thanks again for everything you do.
bailey Azeka susan peahu happy mothers day! you are an amazing mom and aunty nana love keito & miley
bailey Azeka lynne matsumura happy mothers day!
Minda May Gibbons Jessica Geffert I love you mommy
Makana Louis-Workman Terri Workman She’s the best mother in the world hard working and loves to take care of her family can’t be thankful enough to have a motherlikeher
Makana Louis-Workman Jennalyn Gomes Greatest caring and loving mother to my 3 kids
Kayla Kawamura Lianne Kawamura Happy Mother Days mom, thank you for your sacrifices and constant love and support. I love you, have an amazing day. Love, Kanoe
Kristin Kawamura Kanani Kawamura Happy Mother’s Day to the most amazing person I know. She’s the most hardest working and caring person you’ll meet im lucky to have her.
Taylor Bueno Weena Kusaka I’d like to wish my mom a happy Mother’s Day all the way from Fort Bragg, NC. We love and miss you
Melissa Miles Coral Miles Happy Mother’s Day! Raised 6 kids! 27 grandchildren! Talented Artist. Thank you,Love you!
Kaylin Kawamura Kanani Kawamura Thank you for being so amazing. You’re the most selfless and caring person that I know. I can’t imagine life without you. I love you!
Ferdinand Guerrero Mina Guerrero Happy Mother’s Day to the best mommy and wife anybody could ask for. You do a lot for the girls and we all love you
Lorrine Lagoc-Agrade Letisha Pancho Full time worker, with 3 kids in all types of sports. Awesome supporter! Best friend!
Iris Doiron Chassidy Rose Rivera Happy Mothers Day to a mom who is so caring, loving and always there!  Have a beautiful and blessed day.
Lorrine Lagoc-Agrade Christine Lagoc My own mother and grandmother of my child! Love you mom!
Lorrine Lagoc-Agrade Lynette Barba Mother of 2. With an optimistic mind.
Mitzi Yamamoto Tirah Kamealoha Happy Mother’s Day to Tirah.  The best mom to her son Duke!
Mitzi Yamamoto Tobi Sibolboro Happy Mothers Day to Tobi! Reegan has the best mom ever!
Mitzi Yamamoto Paige Javier Paige does whatever is needs to do for her two children, Drake and Grace!
Keona Ishida Tootsie Neiva Just wishing my mom a happy heavenly mother’s day. Wish you was here
Jlyn Espinosa Sharlyn Delos Reyes Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom Sharlyn (pronounced Sharleen)!  From her children & grandchildren.
Jlyn Espinosa Jemi Louis Happy Mother’s Day to my Sister Jemi (pronounced Jaymie).  She has 2 twin girls & is a wonderful Mom.
Jlyn Espinosa Mia Chavez Happy Mother’s Day to my friend Mia!  She is a wonderful Mom to her 2 Daughters and a great friend.
Mary D PACANAS Carmen de Thouars Happy Mother’s Day. Blessed to have you as a mom.
Emma Chidgey Linda Pitman Dear mom!! You are one of the strongest people I know and I love and admire you so much!! Your family loves you! Love Emma
Bryan Aiwohi Akala Aiwohi Wishing my beautiful life, mother of our amazing children, our fur babies and our 1st granddaughter, Pihanakalani. WE love you. Hau’oli La Makuahine.
Tammy Kobayashi Julia Kobayashi The best mom ever!
Koa Williams Jennifer Johnston Happy Mother’s Day Jenny from your boys Koa. Imikoa And Pomai. Thanks for everything you do for us
Tammy Puu Jessie Miyazaki Thank you mom for taking such good care of dad. Your attention and patience is so appreciated. You’re amazing! Love your kids and grand kids!
jamie toyofuku lori toyofuku Happy Mothers Day mom we love you and thankful for all the things you do for us
jamie toyofuku susan peahu happy mothers day we love you and thankful to have you in our lives. we love you!
Tyler Bergonia Triana Baclayon Mom, we know Mother’s Day is bittersweet with the loss of Lorena. We love you and thank you for everything. Tyler, Tiffany, Kaena & Ari
Mia Chavez Jlyn Espinosa I would like to wish this great mom a Happy Mothers Day. Your doing such a good job and Kylee is one lucky daughter!!!
Mia Chavez Layna Larot I want to wish my mom the best Mothers Day. She has been my rock through everything and I couldnt ask for a better Mom
Mia Chavez Kanani Durant Hauoli la makuahine to this smart, strong and beautiful mama. She is an inspiration. We love you
Ikaika Efhan Jobyna Efhan Happy Mothers Day to my wife, Jobyna who is the best Mommy to our son Makoa.
Jannik Evanoff Claudia Evanoff I love you, Mom!!! Happy Mother’s Day!
Alina Evanoff Claudia Evanoff Thanks for being such a fun mom! Love you!
Nicklas Evanoff Claudia Evanoff Love you, Mom. Happy Mom’s Day!
Hendrik Evanoff Claudia Evanoff You are the BEST, Mom!!! I love you so much!!
Anika Evanoff Claudia Evanoff Happy Mothers Day to the best mom ever! Thank you for all that you do and all the last minute homework help. I love you
Christina Banach Lori Banach Thanking my wonderful mother for being there for me through all the ups and downs of my life and being the best grandma around
Kristine Ganir Rebecca Ramel Thank you mama for everything. For the love & always being there for me. I love you so much.
Mariano Catbagan Jr Laurelle Riola-Catbagan Happy Mother’s Day to my wife who deserves so much more than just a day! Love you!
Kuuipo Akau Putsie Almarza Mom thank you for everything you do and all of your scarifies so i can Have a good life. You are the beat of myheart
Kuuipo Akau Hillary Akau Thank you for being the best wife and mother to my niece nephew. Thank God for you a sister in law like you ..
Krystal Kakimoto Celeste Kakimoto Thank you for always taking care of everyone and showing us what unconditional love is!
Marcus Asahina Celeste Kakimoto Happy Mother’s Day! We love you so much and am thankful for everything you do!
Ashleigh Remigio Ruth Kalili Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom ever. She makes sure we always have everything we need. Thank you for everything, mom!
Krystal Kakimoto Celeste Kakimoto We love you and are thankful for everything you do! You are truly an example of unconditional love!
Aaron Wong Muriel Malixi Thank you for the little and big things that you do for us. We love you!
Russelle Pearce Alyssa Cremer-Arakaki Thank you for blessing me with 3 beautiful keiki! And being an amazing mom! Love you
Raquel Kaui Rhonda Refamonte Happy Mother’s Day to my sister for being not only an amazing mom but also aunty! We love you!
Tammy Robinson Pamela Parubrub My special mom, whom i almost lost this year…I love you, you are my hero, strongest, most amazing person I know.
Regina Kaui Raquel Kaui Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing daughter and the best mom to her two children. Wishing you the best day!
Cierra Kelley Priscilla Davis Thank you for all you do for my siblings and I, we love and appreciate you so much!
Lorrine Lagoc-Agrade Lorraine Parongao My big sister! Lorraine Parongao. Mother of 2 and a bonus mom for my child! We love you!
Joanne Corpuz Betty Corpuz Happy Mother’s Day !
Jesse Uemura Christina Uemura To the most hard working mother around. She works at Kauai Medical Clinic as a doctor of  psychology while raising our two beautiful children.
Priscila Davis Pomai Vidinha-Flores Youʻre an awesome mom!
Lori Orial Carol Suzawa Our whole family is beyond blessed to all the love, support and kindness she has given us. We should truly “Celebrated every reason” ❤️
Priscilla Davis Josie Dibibar-Patinio To the most free spirit, no fuss mom…Happy Mothers Day!
Krysta Kali Josephine Kali Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Thank you for the unconditional love and support over the years. Love you mom.
Keilah Kanehe Patrice Silva Thank you for all that you do. Putting us before yourself. You truly are our super mom. Happy Mothers Day!
Rolando Agustin Leah Lei Agustin We are so blessed to have you as our mom. Thank you for being there for Taylor Mahealani and Kobe.
Citrus Pagelsdorf Sheri Balai I wanna wish my mom ha happy Mother’s Day… I couldn’t make it with out her. I love u
Shenell Dilay Debbie Daclison Happy Mother’s Day to the most caring and beautiful mom! We all love you!
Lila Pahulehua Momi Shintani Where would I be without my mommy. Love u mom ♥️
Keikiui Shintani Cookie Kanahele Thank you Mama for loving me love, Kuukeikiuialoha Shintani
GraceJoy Clement Kristen Collins My mom is a loving, caring person. She takes me on so many adventures and that is why she is an amazing mom.
Shawn Remigio Emelyn Remigio Thank you mom for being an awesome loving mother who loves the lord and loves her grandchildren along with her own four boys and husband
Clarence Aki Chelsey Aki Thanks for loving and taking care of the kids and family!
Gavin Raquel Eden Raquel Words can’t Express enough gratitude as to how much you are appreciated for all you do for our family. Happy Mother’s Day!
Gavin Raquel Stephanie Raquel Words can’t express enough gratitude as to how much you are appreciated for all you do for our family. Happy Mother’s Day!
Christy Lagundino Denise Silva Happy Mother’s Day to an amazing mom! She is loving, giving and always thinks about others.
Jarrick Ornellas Anita Applegate Happy Mother’s Day thanks for everything you do
Jarrick Ornellas Anita Applegate Happy Mother’s Day mahalo for all you do! Love jarrick
wyatt pimental milani pimental happy mother’s day to the most hard working woman i know. Love wyatt.
jenna scovel Red scovel happy 2nd mother’s day to my big sister, words can’t describe how proud i am to watch you be the best mom you can be.
Jared Chun Brandi Alayvilla Happy Mother’s Day to the best mother in the world
Brandi Alayvilla Teresa Alayvilla Happy Mother’s Day mom! Thank you for everything you do
Tamara Hodges Trinette Hepa Happy mother’s day mom! We love you!
Tamara Hodges Tyra Constantino Happy mother’s day sis! I love you so much!
Ian Hodges Tamara Hodges Happy mother day! You deserve the world and more!
Camille Koshi Sylvia Koshi Happy Mother’s Day to my awesome mom-in-law! Thanks for all you do for us & for the love you pour out especially to our kiddos!
Erin Koshi Camille Koshi Happy Mother’s Day to the mom of our two boys! Thank you for all the sacrifices you make for us! We love you!
Neil Nabeshima Marlene Cadiente Love you
Junior Fuimaono Eliza Fuimaono Happy Mother’s Day to my wife and mother to our 4 children, we love you so much. Thank you for taking care of us.
Aleigha Scovel Leah Dotario Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom and grandma! We love you nana Leah!!
Eliza Fuimaono Ranae Vicoy You will always be my number one fan, thank you for everything you’ve done for me and your grandchildren. We love you forever.
Hilary Namakaeha Hayley Borges Happy Mothers Day to the number one mom I know! She has raised two equally as strong daughters, Ainsley Jude and Seeley John.
Dan Knudsen Kamala Knudsen I will love to honor my wonderful wife, Kamala Knudsen, super awesome mother to our daughter Emilia Knudsen. For giving birth and being her mother.
Norli Pinoliar Clarita Domingo To my mom that nourished and give unconditional love and support to her children and grandchildren Happy Mom’s Day. Luv yah
Beth Jensen Beth Jensen Happy Mother’s Day to me!!! Someone has to do it!!!!
Christina K Cardenas-Romuar Mary Cardenas I love my mom  from the bottom of my heart she always there for me and my children Happy Mothers Day
MELVIN MANDRIGUES SHEANE TALBO-MANDRIGUES Thank you for taking care of all of us!  Love you!
River Gudoy Gina Gudoy I love you mom! thank you for everything u do for us. love- river
Keith Hardy Jasmine Mariano Hardy Happy Mothers Day to my wife. We all love you very much!
Kayla Armstrong Kelly Armstrong Happy Mother’s Day to my supermom who is always there for me!
Vianne Tabata Violet Strom I lost my mom 2 years ago but that doesn’t change the fact she was a great mom!  Miss you!
Celeste Daida Shaunte Daida Sending shaunte tons of xoxo so proud of her… shes a-great Mom to son.
Debra Wennett Tiana Lewis A wonderful Mother of two girls 9 yrs apart Always rising up with her ❤️ thru much difficult times
Vaikona Taufatofua Maimanu Taufatofua Manuia le aso o Tina! Alofa atu!
Barbara Ludgate Jessica Ludgate Happy Mothers Day to my mother, Jessica Moon Ludgate. The foundation of our family, who continues to support us every day no matter the situation!
Sheri Balai Colleen Akiona Happy Mother’s Day. We all love you.
Michael Pagelsdorf Sheri Balai Happy Mother’s Day. Thank for all you have done for us.
Dustin Rivera Melissa Rivera Happy Mother’s Day to the greatest mom ever. Thank you for everything you do. I love you always.
Paris Tangelder Ant Tangelder Thank you dad for being the best mom, dad, surf partner & best friend all in one!
Love P (For dad who is mom)
Celeste Kakimoto Paulynn Hanief Greatest Mom who has her son playing piano hiking exploring new flavors in the kitchen snow skiing the list is endless and so is herlove
Jolene Alop Judy Koerte I wanna wish my mom Judy Koerte a Happy Mother’s Day! She is an amazing grandma to my 3 boys. We love you!!!!
Dustin Rivera Chelsey Rivera Please wish Chelsey Rivera,mother of my children and mama to our granddaughter a wonderful Mother’s Day. Also to all the moms out there.
Celeste Kakimoto Jackie Teves The best Mom and Grandma always taking great care of her family.
Chelsey Rivera Sheila Belarmino Mom you are always loved! You deserve to relax and enjoy life. I love you always ❤️
Happy Mother’s Day
Chelsey Rivera Melissa Rivera My Mother-in-law is the BEST!  She is always taking care of her family and loves each and everyone of us. We love you mom!
Erika Noel Rie Noel You are superwomen, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to repay but hope to be half the woman that you are!
Mariah Oneill Camille Pacheco My mom is the BEST cause she’s MINE! I love you MOM From your favorite daughter MARIAH no cary
Ross Brandeburg Courtney Cabral She an incredible human being, even better MOM, and could not deserve it more! Here’s to you Court, Kauai loves you!!!
Jannik Evanoff Claudia Evanoff Sup, Mom! Thanks for being so awesome! Love, Jannik
Alina Evanoff Claudia Evanoff Mom, I love you. Happy Mother’s Day!
Nicklas Evanoff Claudia Evanoff I love you, Mom
Hendrik Evanoff Claudia Evanoff Hi mom. I love you. You’re the best!!! From Hendrik.
Harold Dumayas Charisse Campana “Happy Mother’s Day, Charisse! Thank you for being an amazing mother and all the love and care you give. You’re appreciated!”
Brandy Dias-christian Veronica Christian Veronica raised not only 3 generations of children but any and all children who needed help. She is the essence of the word mother
Sky Asio Kerri Barros Happy Mother’s Day, Momma! You are everything!
Kyle Tone Karen Tone Thanks mom for everything you have done for not only me but my family.
Kiersten Beltrame Lokelani Beltrame Happy Mother’s Day mom!
Kelii Kaneholani-Lum Kiersten Beltrame Happy Mothers Day to the best mommy in the whole world 🙂
Kira Kellow Michele Nakamura Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks for being the best mom ever and the best grandma to JJ. We love you!
Quinn Kaauwai Lisa Kaauwai Happy Mother’s Day Mommy! Thanks for taking care of us. We love you so much. Love- Quinn, Callen and Mia
Kalei Kaauwai Lisa Kaauwai Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful wife Lisa. Thank you for being the best mom to our three crazy kids. We love you
Anthony Cruz Edelwisa Cruz Happy Mother’s Day Mom & Sweetheart❤️ Thank you for all that you do for all of us!  You’re the greatest Mom❣️All our Hugs & Kisses❣️
Pua Arizo Kimberly Moniz Happy Mothers Day !! You are Always caring, loving and hard working putting everyone first. Enjoy your special day!!
Wyland Arizo Pua Arizo Thank you Mom for all you do for our family . We appreciate and love you.
Allana Pinoliar Norli Pinoliar To the best mom in the world, this Mother’s Day I will give you the best gift as I will be receiving my diploma atManoa.Bestmomdeservedthebest
Cherine Ito Carol Ito I am so grateful to have my mom, but even more blessed my son gets to have her as a Grandma.
Kanai Durant Jessica Nishimoto Happy Mother’s Day!  I love you!
Travis Bonnell Toni Marquez She’s the best mother to our 2 wonderful children. Always taking care of us. She’s our rock.
Courtney Gorospe Rynda Gorospe HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to the best mom I cld ever ask for,RYNDA GOROSPE! The one who does it all & my backbone! Love u ma
Courtney Gorospe DeeDee Gorospe I’d like to give a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY shout out to the best grandma I cld ask for, DeeDee Gorospe! The true SUPERWOMEN ever!
Shaundi Ayau Sheena Lyn Ayau happy mother’s day to my mom, i love you and hope you know how much i appreciate you.
Radlynn Ballesteros Marilyn Venzon Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom & grandma in the world! Thank you for all that you do. We love you so much!
Shelly Fasciano-Toole Sandy Fasciano Happy Mother’s Day to the most amazing Mom EVER!! I love you so much and I’m so blessed to have you in my life!
Hans Tangelder Clara Tangelder Thank you for being the best mom to our children! Love papa
Shelly Spencer Shelly Spencer To my daughter Devi Berg. She is amazing daughter but even more amazing mother and wife love her and so proud of who she is
Karen Garcia Maria Cariaga Happy Mother’s Day Mom and to all the wonderful moms out there❤️
Cheyanne Mahuka Janice Mantanona Thankful and blessed to have you as my mom. You are selfless, kind and caring. Thanks for being my mom.
Ellie Gardner Heather Gardner Happy mother’s day mom! I hope you have a great day, thanks for all you do for us! Love ellie
Jeanne Largusa Elshae Largusa Happy first Mother’s Day to my beautiful daughter-in-law Elshae Largusa!
You are the wonderful Mother we knew you would be!!
Many more to come!
Jon Nakamura Jackie Nakamura Happy mother’s day to the best wife and mom to our daughter!!
Jackie Nakamura Mae Sekiya Happy mother’s day to the best mom and grandma!
Chasitee Kimura Corina Kimura My mom is my best friend and of course my mommy.  She has been by my side for everything.  She is also the best Nana!
Chasitee Kimura Kori Kai Moniz My sister Kori is always there for my nephews and my brother in law with her busy schedule. So blessed to call her my Tita!
Alanna Decosta Gerlinda “geri” DeCosta God has truly blessed me with the most loving,caring,always putting everyone before her self,awesome mother of all.thank you for all you do. I loveyou mom!
Owen Gardner Heather Gardner She is the best mom and is always doing her best for the family. And is always kind to others.
Allure Nago Camille Pacheco To my “baba” I love you!!! You always take me park and bring the best snacks
Catherine Long Ciara Silva I’d like to honor my daughter, Ciara Silva, for her dedication, love, and commitment to her four children. We are so blessed to have her!
Chanel Calapatia Chanel Catbagan Happy Mother’s Day to my mom of 7 Children. Thank you for love & support. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.
Herman Velasco Laurel Velasco Happy Mom’s Day Honey! Thanks for taking care of our 5 kids and 5 grandchildren.
Love Herman.
Abie Gayle Coma Bethany Coma Happy Mother’s Day to my sister! She’s an amazing mother to her son & the best Aunty to my son!
Michelle Texeira Kipi Yamamoto You are the bravest woman I know.  I love you Mom.
Jolene Alop Clover Tupuola Happy Mother’s Day to this wonderful women! She reminds me constantly how blessed we are to be able to carry the title of ‘MOM’.
Courtney Apo Vanessa Pascual Thank you for all you do for me. You are the best mama ever. I love you so much.
Tracey Caron Amber Walker This mom is a rockstar!  Lots of challenges have been thrown her way for many many years… No one deserves a break more than her!
Carrie Moses Donna Gabriel Happy Mother’s Day mom. From raising 6 of us, to helping me through being sick and being the greatest grandma to my kids.We love you!!
Lorna Navarro Bridget Hammerquist Bridget has given so much of herself to her children and grandchildren and she’s also been happy doing as much as she can for Kaua’i
Jannik Evanoff Claudia Evanoff Yo. Mom. You’re the best. Thanks for everything you’re doing for us kids. I love you!
Alina Evanoff Claudia Evanoff Hi Mom. I love you. Thanks for being a fun loving mom!
Nicklas Evanoff Claudia Evanoff Hey mom. Thanks for everything. I love you!
Hendrik Evanoff Claudia Evanoff I love you mom. You are the best. Love, Hendrik
Mary Cardenas Shantel Duarte Happy Mothers Day to my granddaughter Shantel she a great mother to her children
Hope Gibson Mandie Gibson Thank you mom for always being caring, funny, gentle even when angry, hardworking, and generous. I’ll always be grateful for my single parent. Love you!
George Cardenas Mary Cardenas Love you happy Mother’s Day your there for me always
Royden Kusaka Felt Kusaka Happy Mother’s Day
Angelika Catiggay Lerma Catiggay Thank you for all that you do! We love you mom! From Angelika and Derek.
Colette Kawamura Grace Ching A special shoutout to our loving 91 year young mother, Grace Ching, who is the glue that bonds our whole family together!!we love you!
Jermaine Tolentino Karen Garcia My mom Gina Barangay and the mother of my boys Karen Garcia❤️
Karen Garcia Karen Garcia Maria Cariaga /Myself❤️
Colette Kawamura Brandie Silva Special shoutout to our amazing daughter, Brandie Silva,  the most loving , hardworking mother to our 3 special grandchildren!! Love  you so much!! Mom dad
Mahina Ventura Sheila Ventura Thank you for everything, we love you tons, Happy Mother’s Day💜
Mahina Ventura Mary Ledward Thank you for everything, I love you heaps 💜
Christina Uemura Debbie Chuckas Happy Mother’s Day to my mom who is so hard-working and also the best grandma to my kids. We appreciate you so much.
Lucy Harper Denia Harper To the best mother & greater grandmother, MamaDee. We wouldn’t know where life would be without you. Happy Mother’s Day & we love you!
Joyce Sun Nida Peralta Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Love you for everything you’ve done and still do for me and my sisters.
Susan Caires Mildred Rapozo You’ve been the best Mom in this world. We thank you for everything you’ve done all these years. Love you
Heidi Dehkordi Samira Siale Sending a shoutout to my daughter Samira. There’s no greater joy in life than being a tutu and loving on your grandchildren.
Jannik Evanoff Claudia Evanoff Thanks for everything you do for me. I love you!
Alina Evanoff Claudia Evanoff Mom, I love you. Thank you for everything you do for all of us kids and dad!
Nicklas Evanoff Claudia Evanoff Hey Mom. I love you!
Hendrik Evanoff Claudia Evanoff Mami, you are the best! I love you!
Keoni Ana Beth Coma Happy Mother’s Day babe! Thank you for taking care of our son and being the best mom to him! We love you!
Ethan Inanod Celeste Inanod She’s the best mom! She makes me food! Love you!
Annie Rellin Kylene Espina Happy Mother’s Day.  Love you so much, my daughter.
Annie Rellin Novella Natividad To my very hard.  working sister, Happy Mother’s Day!!
Annie Rellin Wendy Leanio Happy Mother’s Day to my daughter-in-law.  Thank you for being a wonderful wife and mother.
Jaime Grace Bulee Ben I love you mom, thank you for everything you do for my boys and Ayzlee! We appreciate you
Gannen Grace Paulette Grace Happy Mother’s Day mom! Love you and thank you for everything.
Shaestin Grace Jaime Grace Love you mom, thanks for everything you do.
Kaedin Grace Jaime Grace Thank you for taking care of all of us and your grandson! We love you.
Skye Espino Sherlend Massey Happy mothers day to the strongest woman I know. Love you forever 🩷
Zipporah Tompkins Zipporah Tompkins You’re already the best mom ever! I can’t wait to meet our sweet baby in September. Happy first Mother’s Day, I love you!
Makana Workman Jennalyn Gomes Thank you for being the best mom to our 3 babies I love you.
Christy Koizumi Charlene Koizumi Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom Charlene!  Thank you for everything you do for all of us.
Luke Hilario Helene Kaui Happy Mother’s Day 2024
Raquelle Noguchi Monique Matayoshi Happy Mothers Day Mom! Thank you for all that you do!
Chelsie Defries Laureen Alesna Happy Mother’s  Day to my mom Laureen AlesnaThank you for everything youdo for meandespecially for our girlsThanks for being the best mom,grandma,aunty,,friend!We Love You.
Malie McCullen Shane Ventura Happy Mother’s Day aunty Shane
Malie Mccullen Casey Mccullen Happy Mothers days aunty Buu
Malie McCullen Kimi Mccullen Happy Mother’s Day aunty Kimi
Malie McCullen Sheila Ventura Happy Mother’s Day grandma Sheila
Malie Mccullen Marry Ledward Happy Mother’s Day tutu
Malie McCullen ZoeAnn McCullen Happy Mother’s Day to my ride or die
Malie McCullen Brandi McCullen Thank you for being my best friend and all you do.
Mauka Rapozo Candace Rapozo Thank you for everything you do! We love you — Mauka & Teia
Chris Brun Elena Camat Happy Mother’s Day to Elena Camat from her Sistah Chris Brun
Chris Brun Chris & Nani Brun/Brun Kaluhiokalani I’m incredibly proud of my daughter Nani Brun Kaluhiokalani raising my Granddaughter Ka’ohi and working on her Ph.D as well. Mahalo
Malie Mccullen Mahina Ventura Happy Mother’s Day mom thank you for shaping me into the women I am today
Tyson Silva Shalene Silva Happy Mother’s Day to the one who does it all and holds us all together.
Evan Price Lorna Navarro You’ve been a great mama, congratulations on raising 3 great kiddos.  It will be wonderful to see them all at Renee’s wedding next month!
Mike Taylor Dawn Taylor Happy Mother’s Day to a wonderfully wife and mother
JACLYN FERNANDES Shealyn Kanahele Your deserve all the love as you raise your two small boys. I’m doing this request in behalf of them! Love you mom
JACLYN FERNANDES Jocelyn Barriga Your are the best God Mom my kids could ever have thank you for everything you do for them.
JACLYN FERNANDES Stephanie FERNANDES Mahalo for all you love and care all these years!
JACLYN FERNANDES Lorna Freitas Mother’s Day should be every day for you as you deserve all the days in the year to be paid back for the time yougive
Muriah Moises Zibeth Hada Thank you Mom for being the person that will always protect us and want what is best for us.  We admire your strength and dedication.
Tammi Oshiro Lori Sugita Thank you for all you do for my kids and me. Grandma’s house is their favorite! We love you so much! Happy Mother’s Day!❤️